Meet the Creators of Modern Healer Yoga

This brand was built on courage. On being vulnerable. On taking a chance on a stranger. And hopefully, it inspires you to do the same.
In February 2015, Mandy was on a spirit quest in the deserts of Joshua Tree, California. Jade was on a similar simultaneous soul-mission down in the deserts of Baja California, Mexico. After a particularly beautiful meditation, Mandy awoke and immediately messaged Jade, whom she had never communicated with before. She invited Jade to come down to San Diego to co-create a Woman Poetry class together, and the rest is history. 3 years of teaching workshops and retreats together non-stop led them to the idea of creating something bigger. They feel called to shift the entire paradigm of what yoga looks, feels, and tastes like. They are on a mission to integrate all of their favorite spritiual teachings and healing modalities into one dynamic practice that leads you back to the source. 
Jade Alectra
Born in the middle of an Earthquake and named after a guitar, Jade Alectra wasn’t given much choice to not shake up this world with no stone left unturned. Somewhere along the journey, Jade discovered that beneath her anger, were her wounds. And beneath her wounds was the true depth that we all have been conditioned to run from. Yoga was the mirror to help her heal and feel past hurts, traumas, and heartbreaks. Emotional based teaching is her specialty, with an emphasis on rather than the age old, "empty your mind and leave what’s happening in your life outside of the studio" --  bring all of that shit INTO the room, ONTO your mat, and work THROUGH it in your body. 
​ Jade has been teaching yoga and other healing modalities since 2014. Based in Orange County, California, she considers Baja Mexico and Kauai to be where her soul sinks the deepest.

She is a constant seeker and student of life, ever in search of the next bit of inspiration or information that will shift her perspective and open her heart in a new way. With love and deep gratitude, she welcomes you into this special piece of her life's purpose. Modern Healer Yoga is ready to blast off and break some hearts wide open! 
Mandy Burstein
"the most rebellious thing
you could ever do
is love yourself in a world that 
teaches you the opposite"

Yoga instructor, event planner, writer and Mama based in La Jolla, California.  Through yoga and writing, she passionately empowers people to become the best version of themselves, both on and off the mat.  Co-creating Modern Healer Yoga events with Jade is her absolute favorite way to express herself spiritually and creatively. Nothing feels more right than THIS.
Since becoming a certified yoga teacher in 2010, Mandy has completed over 500 hours of yoga and lightworker training. She loves designing unique events like Women's Empowerment nights and Goddess Circles based around nature, primal energy and the cycles of the moon. 

To date, she has led 18 yoga retreats in California and Mexico, and has assisted with multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings, helping to mentor the next generation of teachers into using their platform as spiritual activists and warriors of love. We are the healers we have been waiting for!

What does a Journey with
Modern Healer Yoga look like?

Our signature offerings

Woman Poetry

A methodology birthed from Jade's own raw life experiences. Since 2015, we've watched the #WomanPoetry movement transform people in front of our eyes, allowing the body to process past pain and heartbreak, without judgement, fear or control. 

Soul Retrieval

Through a guided meditative experience, we energetically hold your hand as you time travel back to those moments that changed the course of your life. Picking up pieces of your soul along the way, and returning you back home.

Breath Medicine

We've studied many different breath-work practices, techniques, and approaches that have the power to heal and transform your life, from the inside out. Experience huge shifts in your body, mind, and spirit after learning the art of proper breathing. 

Womb Healing Yoga

Rooted in her own self-healing, Mandy is passionate about honoring and nurturing the center of creation. When emotions and experiences get trapped in the womb, dis-ease and decay ensue. Learn how to release and renew this vital energy center. 

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