Love Notes from our Tribe

reflections from students who became family after attending our workshops, trainings and retreats 

​ "This past weekend was pure magic. I was welcomed, accepted, loved, and hugged by a group of women who quickly went from strangers to soul-baring sisters. I'm so grateful I followed my instinct and went on this retreat. I'm so proud of myself for having the courage to ask for this time for myself. I'm so in love with myself for breaking down the guilt that stood in the way of allowing myself to have an experience as life-changing as the one I had. So much held me back and this weekend I got a dose of the medicine I always try to prescribe to others: self-love is not selfish, it's self-serving. Words of gratitude aren't enough, but thank you Jade and Mandy for the desert magic of this Woman Poetry Retreat."

- Stephanie from Miami, FL. 2017

To be soft is to be powerful -- Rupi Kaur

"My tendency, for as long as I can remember, has been to meet challenge with fire. To fight for my beliefs, to stand my ground, with a ring of fire around me. But it is no longer serving me, maybe never has. So for a while now, I have been working on softening, especially in challenging, painful situations. Can you be soft and loving, no matter what is in front of you? Can you love anything that comes up? Working on being soft with myself so I can be soft with others. Working on loving and welcoming everything in me that wants to come up that I taught to keep down for so long: fear, pain, sensitivity. Seeing so much more clearly after the powerful desert medicine of the Woman Poetry Retreat in Mexico! Eternally grateful to this magical place!" 

- Marina from Virginia. 2017

"I think I left my whole heart here. I cannot yet find the words to say how much this experience has meant to me. I will not rush them. They will come.

For now- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I love you. I love you. I love you."

Emily from San Francisco, CA. 2017
"This past week in Mexico has been a life changing journey. A lot of soul searching. A lot of self love. A lot of crying. I was surrounded by empowering women who filled each other with love, light, strength, courage & safety. I have felt extreme moments of sadness since leaving each of you & every time that wave comes up I just take a deep breath in & can feel your presence. I walked away from the retreat feeling lighter and ready to take on whatever my next path shall be. I gained 17 amazing sisters who I absolutely treasure with all of my heart. Mandy and Jade -- Your energy and guiding light was crucial in my life right now and I am so grateful for all that you are. You will always have a piece of me and have helped mold me into the amazing woman I am becoming. THANK YOU."

- Ashley from New Jersey. 2017
"The Woman Poetry Retreat has been the most profound, emotional, beautiful, rewarding, exhilarating, humbling and unforgettable experience! I am so truly grateful and extremely happy I took this leap of faith to come here, meeting total strangers in a totally different country. Strangers who have now become friends with whom I have shared so many magical experiences with and have now become friends so dear to my heart!"

- Simone from Florida. 2017
While eye gazing/meditating during the Woman Poetry Retreat i received a VERY strong message to LOVE HARDER, specifically to love on someone who I hadn’t spoken to in over a year. It was a confusing message for me because up until then I was working on loving through releasing. Since then, the Universe has sent very obvious and clear signs that this is exactly what I needed to do. Intuitively, I knew this already but the ego works in sneaky ways that make you doubt what you already know.  The messages continue to pour in from every direction and every part of my life. Pay attention to the signs, don’t ignore them. I’m so glad I finally mustered up the courage to trust that the Universe is working for me and to take action!  Doing so has only brought me an abundance of love and I feel like I’m soaring in the wind. I don’t know where these actions will take me but I am committed to staying present and riding this wave to whatever shore it lands on.

Thank you Mandy and Jade and all of the beautiful souls I met for a powerful, magical, healing and insanely fun time in Isla Holbox, Mexico!

- Kayla from San Diego, California. 2017
"What does Woman Poetry mean to me? It means taking the time to find myself through movement. It means fighting out the pain. Feeling the pain that is still deep inside my gut. It means saying to myself 'I am worthy of everything' and 'I am mine before I am anyone else's.' Woman Poetry to me is my inner strength being released. I promised myself last night in front of 29 other women that I will no longer hold back. I will let go and be free. I will do what I want and not let material things hold me back. I will explore and find myself this year. The strength of 29 women who have never met and yet stand and support each other is one of the most powerful things anyone can experience. Thank you Jade and Mandy for guiding us home.

- Alainna from Orange County, CA. 2016
"Last night I attended the Women's Poetry workshop led by Jade and Mandy. It was a beautiful experience filled with intense connection, unflinching discomfort and delicious rejuvenation. Filling myself up, so I can give from a place of abundance, alignment and integrity.” 

- Angelina from California. 2017
“What an incredible night! 4 hours yoga retreat with major awakening...The room is filled with beauty, love, want, need, compassion, hurt, misery and mystery, lost emotions what have been buried deep inside of our selfs, hiding but not lost, bought to surface! You hear crying....So empowering! 
Leave the past behind, have no fear, dream big and create a happier You! For YOU! 
Love with all of your heart, keep an open mind to posibilities, and don’t ever let hope go!
Forgive and forget and most of all LOVE YOURSELF! Thank you Jade and Mandy for the amazing class!”

- Edith from California. 2017​​​
“Last night I took a 4 hour "Woman Poetry" class along side my beautiful best friend, it actually wasn't poetry at all but so much more; yoga followed with connecting with so many amazing ladies. My drug problem a few years ago made me content on the idea of not living to see my 15 birthday, 15!!!!!! I was so consumed by the immediate world around me that I had emerged myself in consisting of drugs and darkness I thought "what else is there?"

Last night, I walked into the room and within the first 30 minutes I had one sentence written down: "no drug can compare". The things we crave from others are the things we need to learn to give ourselves. I am beautiful and strong and powerful and I love me. I grow every day and my mistakes don't set me back, only give me more to learn from. Thank you Jade and Mandy for helping me find the ultimate drug within myself, the power of me.”

- Jade Miranda from California. 2017

"A few months ago I signed up for Women's Poetry, a four hour evening guaranteed to open my heart, mind and soul, guided by two amazing women who have inspired thousands to be authentic, real and raw. Before last night, I've been to only two yoga classes. But as I sat in this space, knee to knee, gazing into my partner eyes, I was moved to tears.

These were the kind of tears that surface from the depths and are released like a bellowed cry that shock your system. And the room. I cried for myself, the eight year girl abused by the hands of her older brother. The teen who lost her only friend and person she trusted most, her mom. The woman who just last week googled quick and easy ways to off herself out of desperation. I cried tears for my husband, my dad, my late mom, my abusive brother, my little brother, my friends and the other 59 souls sharing in this moment with me.

And for the first time, perhaps ever, I let someone see me. See me for all of the good, bad and in-between. I felt naked, exposed and better yet, free. For better or for worse, I'm just me. And the lesson of this lifetime became clear last night in a dimly lit room with souls bursting all around: cease the self hate and accept love with a sincere and genuine openness. I'm ready to stop hating myself. I'm ready to love with an open heart. I'm ready to heal. And it starts and ends with me. I'm my own healer. I'm all I need. Thank you to our teachers Jade and Mandy who courageously are shaping us into masters."

- Chrissy from San Diego, CA. 2017
"I'm still trying to find the right words to explain how magical the Wild + Free Yoga Retreat was this past Sunday! It is so important to connect with kindred spirits. This was the most amazing group of strong, brave and wonderful women. 

To Mandy Burstein and Jade Alectra Leblanc - thank you for creating such a magnificent experience for us all. It was a beautiful, raw and perfect day of deep inner work and feminine connection. There are no words for just how much my heart needed this!

It was a day of #WomanPoetry yoga more powerful than any work I've done on the mat, a healing Goddess circle, journaling overlooking the ocean, and then the most amazing sunset beach dinner and celebration on the sand. Pure bliss and complete gratitude."

- Anna from San Diego, CA. 2016
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